“Jobs fill your pockets. Adventures fill your soul…”

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Welcome to Global Office eXchange.

At GO-X, our dreams are filled with traveling the world and filling our souls with the tastes, sights and sounds of the different places we visit…

The problem?  Work seems to get in the way.  We need our jobs to fill our pockets so that we can enjoy the travel that’s out there…

But what if we can combine the two?

The world is changing. Tomorrow’s Workplace is sitting here in front of us. A place where we’re not tied to a desk. A place where our “office” is flexible and adaptive. Why not take the remote work that you’re doing, or want to start doing, on the road?

Imagine the work/life balance we can achieve by adding World Travel to the equation…

Check this out – www.globalofficex.com – to find out more about how we want to help you combine work and travel to fill your pockets and your soul.

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