Adriatic Romp

  • Split 03
  • Split 02
  • Skopje 05
  • Skopje 04
  • Limassol 01
  • Limassol 03
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    Month 1: Split, Croatia
    Month 2: Skopje, Macedonia
    Month 3: Limassol, Cyprus

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    Apr, May, Jun 2016
    Oct, Nov, Dec 2016

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    $2,100 USD/month, per person

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What’s Included?

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    Private living quarters, usually in a space with access to a kitchen

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    We cover the cost of any airport transfers, and your transportation in between the three locations of each Globalscape

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    Co-Working Space

    We will set you up in a co-working space with the office amenities you need to be successful

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    Contact with GO-X Leader

    Build relationships, network, and hang out with others in your program.

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    Tour/Activity Credits

    A $200 USD credit (per person) to be used towards a tour with one of our affiliated Travel Partners in each location

What’s Not Included?

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    Beginning & End Flights

    You are responsible for getting to the first destination of your selected Globalscape and your departure from the final destination

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    Travel Documents

    You are responsible for your passport, any required tourist visas, and travel insurance

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    Baggage Fees & Airport Fees

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